About Us

Paige Elowsky


Paige joined the Bella e Dolce team in 2011. After only three weeks of working with cake, Paige left her studies in psychology and began applying to Culinary Schools. With encouragement from Kim, she attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. As Kim would say “Go big or go home!” After spending her off seasons working in a standard bakery, Paige realized that her true love lay in the art of cake decorating and design. After this, Paige has taken on more responsibilities and tasks – from the office to baking and carving elaborate event cakes. She has become the next generation of Bella e Dolce and under Kim’s guidance, and became the new owner of Bella e Dolce North in January 2019.

Kim Sperl, Erin Sonntag, and Paige Armstrong


It all started with Kim... she was the original owner and creator of the Bella e Dolce brand in 1997, making cakes in Northern Michigan. Kim is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Pastry School in Paris. Kim has learned her sugar paste flowers and fondant skills under renowned cake designer and author, Colette Peters of New York. Paige joined Kim during her 2011 wedding season. Though Paige has left Michigan during the off season, she has always returned for the summer to work and learn under Kim. In the fall of 2018, Kim officially began her retirement, and though she may not be in the kitchen everyday, you may still see her helping with pastries in the kitchen or delivering cakes across northern Michigan.

Paige Armstrong and Erin Sonntag


Erin joined Kim Sperl for a full season working at the original Bella e Dolce location in Northern Michigan in 2003. Erin returned downstate to start her first cake company in the Detroit Area. After 9 years, Erin closed her first business to return up north and be full time with Bella e Dolce from 2012-2014, where she met Paige. After an immediate connection, Erin guided Paige in the finer arts of “going big or going home.” Erin worked up north for 3 years before returning to her home in Walled Lake to officially expand Bella e Dolce Cakes downstate, serving Southeastern Michigan.

Our Signature


The Hidden Ladybug

 Did you know that we hide a tiny sugar ladybug on all of our cakes?  It's our little signature and a symbol of good luck for our clients.  We have been making hundreds (nay thousands) of ladybugs since Kim started the Bella e Dolce brand in 1997!  Make sure to look for it on your big day!