Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble,
Lemon-Rosemary, Honey-Lavender,
Irish Cream, Hazelnut, Almond,
Coconut, Pumpkin, Carrot, Banana  




Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon, Coconut, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Irish Cream, Chai, Lavender,

Peanut Butter, Almond, Hazelnut 


Vanilla Cream Cheese, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Chai Cream Cheese, Orange-Ginger Cream Cheese, Honey-Lemon Cream Cheese, Raspberry Cream Cheese, Lemon Curd, Passion Fruit Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Ganache, Cherry Ganache 



Vanilla Cake with Strawberry & Vanilla Buttercream Fillings
Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream & Ganache
Lemon-Rosemary Cake with Raspberry Buttercream & Lemon Curd
Banana Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese and Chocolate Buttercream
Carrot Cake with Orange-Ginger Cream Cheese
Pumpkin Cake with Chai Cream Cheese
Almond Cake with Cherry and Almond Buttercreams



Additional Information

Looking for something other than cake?  We offer French inspired pastry tables, so that your guests can choose two or three different desserts to savor.  We offer mini versions of classic French pastries, not-your-typical cookies, and some traditional American delicacies.  We always focus on making sure everything is easy to grab and eat.  We also offer our stand and display rentals to match your decor.  For a detailed price list of our pastry menu, please fill out the inquiry form and mention you're interested in a pastry table!

Also, check out the Pastries section of Our Portfolio to see what we have to offer!

Tarts:  Apple Streusel, Cherry, Key Lime, Lemon Curd, Pecan

Cookies:  Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cherry, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Gluten Free Chocolate Walnut, Almond Shortbread, Hazelnut Shortbread, TKO's, Brown Butter Toffee Chip

Other Pastries & Spoonfuls:  Bouchons, Mini Cheesecakes, Cream Puffs, Opera Gateau, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Cream Cup, English Trifles, Tiramisu, and French Macarons.

Learn More

Since we are not a traditional bakery, we do not have all of our pastries readily available to sample.  However, you may make an appointment for a private consultation to include an assorted box of most all of our pastries.  The pastry sample box is $50.  Just be sure to mention the Pastry Sample box on your inquiry form! 



French Macarons

We offer a perfect duo of macarons, in a box, and tied with a ribbon.  We like to call it the 2-Mac-Pac!  You can choose any flavor and any colors you'd like.  We will also place them at each table setting so they are ready and waiting when your guests arrive to your reception. 


Cake Truffles

All the flavor of an entire slice of cake, in just a couple bites.  Cake Truffles are made with crumbled cake, mixed with flavored buttercream, rolled in a ball, and dipped in chocolate.  They are a perfect favor and are available in a pack of 2 or 4.  Includes a ribbon to match your decor. 


Decorated Sugar Cookies

Our fabulous sugar cookie recipe, custom decorated with your monogram, favorite team, or even your guests names as their escort cards!  All sugar cookies are wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a bow.